Up Way Too Early!

Up Way Too Early!

Woke at 6 am…way too early for me. But couldn’t fall back asleep, so got up and took a shower and now waiting for my hair to dry.

My Printer’s Seat

Funny. It looks small sitting there in that seat. Who would have guessed!?!

I arrived in Tucson yesterday. Lost track of which day it was. Could have looked on my phone’s calendar, but was so sure it was Wednesday that what did I need to check for? Right? But it was Tuesday. Plus I pushed myself, making it here last night around 6:30 instead of leaving that last two hours for today. Anyways, so I’m here early. Can’t go over to the fairgrounds until tomorrow. The RVing Women convention is there. The fairgrounds has a campground! Isn’t that awesome! When I got to this campground for last night and tonight, I evidently drove right by the fairgrounds…thirteen miles back. Didn’t realize how close I was. That’s awesome. Won’t have far at all to go tomorrow. And today I can rest.

Overnight RV Park, Amarillo, TX

That was my first night on the road. Daytime temperature there was about 46 and the night temperature was 27. Very cold. I had no idea it would be so cold in October there.


Found a neat campground in Albuquerque. It was called Enchanted Trails Camping Resort. It was on old Rt 66. They had lots of cool memorabilia. There were also old vintage travel trailers that you could stay in for the night. The daytime temperature in Albuquerque was also in the mid-forties during the day and down to 24 that night. Super COLD! Had to use my heated water hose to protect my water pipes. I have a hose called a FREEZE BAN that has a temperature sensor in it and the heater encased around the hose comes on when the temperature drops below 45 degrees F.

When I reached Tucson and was checking into the LazyDays KOA, there was a big Halloween cat in the yard by the office. While I was in checking in, Einstein was checking OUT the cat. Its head moved and it distressed him. When I came back out to the RV, he was barking hysterically at the cat.

Einstein’s Nemisis

I awoke this morning to a sunny day (even if it was too EARLY!). The high today will be 70 degrees F. I love it.

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