To Print or not to Print

To Print or not to Print

…that WAS the question.

When I started this whole RV life, I was after having minimum possessions. Everything was sold in an estate sale that took place in just four days of July 2018. I kept some of my art supplies but very little.

As the months have passed, I have had moments where I really miss some of the things from my studio. Over the years all the things that meant the most to me migrated their way into my studio. Most were just things, but a few were treasures. Finding the right combination of what I want/need has taken some effort, but has been fun. I’ve brought in various items on a sort of trial basis, but if it doesn’t get much use…out it goes…to a new home somewhere. I guess its part of learning to live simpler. That doesn’t happen over night.

Having a printer is something that I’ve done without, but recently I had a chance to print out some of my artwork and a couple of photos. I wanted to see how the art I’ve created on my iPad with an Apple Pencil looked on paper. I was pleasantly surprised and it got me thinking that maybe I would like a printer after all.


I want to print things like small, temporary signs, business cards, sample zen-tangle designs, and instructions, but I also wanted to print things to sell. I’m a perfectionist about the quality of what I sell and I want it to last. I searched online for recommendations about printers for photography and artwork. I found a printer called a Canon PIXMA Pro-100. Its a big step down from the Giclee printer I had in my studio, but its in that same line and uses pigment/dyes rather than ink. It prints on paper as large as 13×19. So I ordered one since I have an address right now. I’ll be able to print the things I need for the convention next month in Tucson. I’m going to teach a one hour workshop on ren-tangle. I learned zentangle and have altered it to fit my style.

The printer arrived two days ago and the UPS man just about gave himself a heart attack carrying it over to the RV and sliding it up into the doorway. It took me about twenty-four hours to get up the courage to open it. I think its bigger than the one I had before. Is that possible?

This new printer has made the entire RV look cluttered. I’m not sending it back. I don’t know if I could package it back up and get it in the box anyway. Growing pains I suppose. Einstein is not happy about this intruder.

Anyways, its here and it works extremely well. Once I get it situated in a good spot, I know that it will prove to be a good choice and it can start paying for itself. It’s okay, Einstein. You can come out of there.

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  1. It is large, Ren, but I am sure it will pay for itself very quickly! I am glad you finally got it out of the box! I can’t wait to see what it does for you.

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