This is my voice…

This is my voice…

I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping my blog up to date. No excuse. I guess I’ve just been busy living in the moment.

I found a quote about life, so I made art to go with it. While making it, I discovered things about myself. Art is my voice. I thought I was creating nice images…but all along I’ve really been creating ME.

Before, I was creating things I thought would sell. A friend told me to create things I like. For me. Hm. I’d give it a try. And so I have.

Yesterday I rented a table at a small Farmer’s Market. I didn’t have much to sell. Just a small notebook with some zentangles I’ve made. Oh. I also had a little box of bearacatures that I drew years and years ago. I had book markers and small business card sized pieces with bears and a short quote. People looked at my zentangles and said nice things about them, but the only thing I actually sold was one of the little business card sized items and it sold for $1 Canadian. I used the $1 coin to buy in to the raffle.

I enjoyed the Farmer’s Market. I spent most of my time working on the piece at the top of the page. But I listened to conversations going on in the small room. A man talked about how he has Prostate cancer and went ahead and got all 20 treatments at one time. Whoa! Someone was talking about finding gold in boulders. There were Hutterites (similar to Amish) selling produce. In the afternoon they began to sing… spiritual songs and songs that were just plain fun. I enjoyed that. It felt good to be there among people for a day…people selling what they make, be it a rug, honey, tea, or produce.

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