The new printer…is a keeper!!!

The new printer…is a keeper!!!

Wow! I’m so very impressed. I printed a couple of things and had to tweak the settings from within Photoshop a bit. I am so excited. Yes, the printer is still way too big for RV life, but I must find a way to keep it. I’ve had lots of printers. Some did fantastic printing, but had limitations and didn’t last very long. Others lasted a LONG time, but did mediocre prints. This one is so awesome. I’m so relieved that it has managed to convince me to let it stay.

I took some art I did on paper and put that into my Procreate app on my iPad. With my Apple Pencil, I added some trees and some hints of people. I had painted some travel trailers on paper to put on my Christmas tree this year. I took photos of those and added them in to the app. The trees are ones I made on the iPad with the same app, but done separately. I love how you can bring in different elements and blend them all together. I read in the Art Journaling for Beginners where one person said she uses the same app and loves to create the black and white side of art and then print it out and color it by hand on paper. That’s awesome. I have been doing the opposite…taking my black and white designs done on paper and bringing them into Procreate to color them there. I hadn’t thought to try it the other way around. But then I didn’t have a printer before so couldn’t even try that. NOW I CAN!!!

Anyways, I feel great. RV life has lots of ups and downs. It takes both to keep life sweet. The printer is an UP.

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