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Great Food and Fun!

Great Food and Fun!

Hot and Juicy restaurant – last night


Bonny Springs – today

We went to this park, paid the entrance fee, found a parking space, and discovered it was the wrong park.  The attendant at the gate was kind enough to refund the entrance fee.  We got the impression it happens often.  While Sharon was collecting the refund I stepped out of the car and snapped this photo.  I love the colors and the majesty of the mountains.  The mountains know they’ll be there always, breathtaking for all time.  I’m so glad I had the priviledge of getting a moment with this spot.

We found the place we’d been looking for.  I believe it was called Bonny Springs.  There was a ghost town, a train ride, all sorts of performances (gun fights, bank robberies, trials, and hangings).

We watched a melodrama.  In the old West, women were scarce.  When there was a melodrama, men dressed up as women to play the female roles. 

This is the town dentist.  He was coming after me to add to his collection.

Why, Sharon!!! 

These are the town villains.  The one in front is a bank robber.  He called out to me, saying, “Don’t you aim that thing at me!”, staying in character and pretending my camera was a gun.  The other villain told him, “I got your back!” and pointed his pistol at me.

This is an awesome photo of Sharon!!! Her hat says “US Air Force”.  People in the town told her “Thank you for your service.”  I thought that was awesome!  Sharon is retired Air Force.

At the end of our ghost town visit, we found a really neat old West restaurant.  The day had turned cold and the restaurant’s fire in the large round fireplace was welcome.  It was a great place with wonderful food.  We enjoyed talking and talking and talking.



I have to admit that I’m more fond of mountains than oceans.  I have no idea why and I don’t want to spend the time figuring it out.  Mountains are like snowflakes.  No two are alike.  They have so much history and each has its own story.

This shot is from last night’s hike in Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, last evening, as we were driving away

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

From the rest area along route 95,  I headed straight to Vegas.  No more rest areas for me.  I reached the city during early rush hour and dark despite my efforts to get there earlier.  I hooked up electric and water and got down to business.  Time to feed the dogs and myself.  This campground is called Oasis.  There were many campgrounds to chose from.  The others were on the smaller side and reviews were mixed.  One mentioned the homeless population in the area growing twenty fold.  They also said that the windshield cover of their motor home disappeared.  The cover was custom made for that particular vehicle, so was not really going to be taken by someone else with the same motor home.  I elected to try Oasis, which has probably 800 campsites.  The photos were impressive.  There was one unfavorable review that dealt with pets.  I tried to find something else, but ended up deciding to try a really grand place like Oasis.

High winds followed me here.  My first night here was a repeat of the previous night – roaring wind and sand blasting.  In the morning it was still going on.  Not a good day for having awnings out.  I had a reservation for four days and was determined to stay put for all of them.  The second day the weather was wonderful. 

My Airstream is named Rocinante, after Don Quixote’s horse, which took him on many adventures.  Rocinante was thoroughly coated with road salt from the last month’s travels in the North.  Oasis has all sorts of RV services.  I saw several motorcoaches getting washed by a company called Red Rock.  I called them and made an appointment for them to come this morning to wash Rocinante, who, afterwards, looks better than new.

There is no more wind.  Today the weather was so wonderful that I got my bike out and went for a ride.  It was a t-shirt, shorts and flip flop day.  There is no wind, so it was also a good day for awnings.

I walked over to the main building.  It has a really nice restaurant.  The staff was helpful and attentive.  The food was very good and priced right.  As I was eating I noticed that the lobby had bookshelves loaded with “exchange” books.  I peeked out at the swimming pool and could see several people swimming.

Yes.  This is an awesome place to stay.  The dogs have behaved.  I’ve slept really well.  The WiFi is 5G!  The cable TV has a LOT of channels.  Its wonderful.  I was supposed to leave this morning, but extended to Sunday morning.  If I want to stay beyond that, I’ll have to move to a different campsite.  That would be okay – a lot of work, but okay.

Yesterday I needed some groceries.  The frig and cupboard were empty.  On the way to an Albertsons I stopped at a Japanese restaurant with a choice of Hibachi grill or tables.  I wanted a table, but you could only get some of the menu items if you sat at a Hibachi grill.  So I sat by myself at a large grill.  The food was really great and the staff were, once again, very attentive.

The friends I am here to visit arrived from their travels today.  They had a thirty hour flight, so headed straight to bed.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about the coming days.  They said I can stay with them, but I have two dogs with me, so will probably stay right here at the campground or at a campground closer to them.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

I do really like it here.  I know summers are brutally hot here, but I sure am enjoying early winter.  Its hard to believe that tomorrow is December.  Wow!


Hawthorne, Nevada

Hawthorne, Nevada

I headed towards Las Vegas, intending to go as far as Reno or perhaps a bit south.  I did my research the night before, having a couple of campgrounds written down, along with phone numbers and amenities.  My preferences, even if only for a single night, are WiFi, Cable TV, full hookup, and pull through site (I’m not good at backing up yet).  The campground south of Reno was my location of choice.  I usually end up driving so many hours that I pull into campgrounds after dark.  This campground was going to be pushing it.  It was only supposed to be maybe a three or four hour drive, but for me it would be five or six.  That’s what it ended up taking.  However, I did arrive at the campground (Whiskey Flats Campground) before dark.  It was my first campground in a desert environment.  The first thing I noticed when I got out of the truck was that it was warm, sunny, and dry – all at the same time!

I liked it so much that I asked the registration clerk if I could possibly stay two nights.  He said he would reserve the space and if I decided not to stay I could just leave.  During the night, I woke to the sound of roaring wind outside and the sound of sand pummeling the outside of the trailer.  It went on all night and was still happening in the morning.  I decided to move on.  Surely Las Vegas, with all of its tall buildings, wouldn’t have the wind and sand.  Right?!?