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Ok! Lets go!

Ok! Lets go!

Einstein is dreaming of our first adventure.

We’re heading to Ohio for two and a half weeks.  Gonna spend time with some very special people – Donald Ziccardi (Grandpa), Sherry Ziccardi (Aunt Sherry), and Ron and Kim Boyd.

The surprise is that we find a campground in Marlboro, Ohio – my childhood village.  The drive to Ohio usually takes about 8 1/2 hours, but this first trip hauling a travel trailer takes 11 hours.  We arrive at 11:00 pm.  I was told there would be an envelope for me at the security gate.  The envelope includes the phone number of the campground owner.  I’m tired.  Should I call him at this late hour?  YES!  I call him and he says he was waiting for my call.  He heads straight over and backs my trailer up into the campsite.  He hooks everything up and I’m all set.  The visit is wonderful.  Its great to have lots of time for many visits with family.

Right away I realize that I failed to bring along food, clothes for cool weather, jackets, and many other items.  I’m having to make trips to local stores and Camping World.  The weather in Ohio is wonderful, with lots of sunny, warm days.  I enjoy talking with the people that work at the little camp store.  I also enjoy daily swims in the round swimming pool.  The campground is a place that I visited often during my childhood.  The original swimming pool is still there, though its being renovated to become a fishing hole for catch and release.

A special treat was to fix my first real meal in the trailer and that it was for my dad, Don.

Our first trip with the travel trailer was a wonderful success.  I felt safe and supported by the campground and by family.  Einstein and I got to spend time at the dog park there at the campground and going for many walks.  It was a great experience.