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Great Food and Fun!

Great Food and Fun!

Hot and Juicy restaurant – last night


Bonny Springs – today

We went to this park, paid the entrance fee, found a parking space, and discovered it was the wrong park.  The attendant at the gate was kind enough to refund the entrance fee.  We got the impression it happens often.  While Sharon was collecting the refund I stepped out of the car and snapped this photo.  I love the colors and the majesty of the mountains.  The mountains know they’ll be there always, breathtaking for all time.  I’m so glad I had the priviledge of getting a moment with this spot.

We found the place we’d been looking for.  I believe it was called Bonny Springs.  There was a ghost town, a train ride, all sorts of performances (gun fights, bank robberies, trials, and hangings).

We watched a melodrama.  In the old West, women were scarce.  When there was a melodrama, men dressed up as women to play the female roles. 

This is the town dentist.  He was coming after me to add to his collection.

Why, Sharon!!! 

These are the town villains.  The one in front is a bank robber.  He called out to me, saying, “Don’t you aim that thing at me!”, staying in character and pretending my camera was a gun.  The other villain told him, “I got your back!” and pointed his pistol at me.

This is an awesome photo of Sharon!!! Her hat says “US Air Force”.  People in the town told her “Thank you for your service.”  I thought that was awesome!  Sharon is retired Air Force.

At the end of our ghost town visit, we found a really neat old West restaurant.  The day had turned cold and the restaurant’s fire in the large round fireplace was welcome.  It was a great place with wonderful food.  We enjoyed talking and talking and talking.