So Far …

So Far …

This adventure has been the best thing I’ve ever done.  There have been moments when I wanted to give up and times when I thought I’d made a huge mistake buying the Airstream.  Sometimes it was because of being tired from very long days on the road, bad weather, and struggles with finding places to spend the night.  Most of that was my own fault.  I was so sure that there would always be truck stops, Walmart Super Centers, Cracker Barrels, and all the things I’d need that I got in the truck each morning and just drove.  I would get in my mind how far I’d get that day and I’d drive, drive, drive.  However, after a few days of that, I figured out that I needed to look at my AllStays app for a good campground and then I would drive just that far.  As the day went along, I knew where I would be for the night and having that goal made the miles much more bearable.  I was less tired and it was easier on the dogs.  Every now and then I would still have doubts, but I got better and better at persevering.

The constant rain in Eugene, Oregon got me down, but then there would be a surprise sunny day and it’s unexpected appearance after so much gloom and rain would make it all the sweeter. 

The first trip to northern California, with no cell or WiFi scared me a bit.  What in the world was I going to do with my time?  I’m a tech geek.  Electronic toys make me happy.  WiFi and its connectivity to friends and electronic adventures makes me giddy.  The dogs both know that if I’m not happy, they get less walks, shorter walks, fewer treats. Well, not really.  No matter what else is going on, I try to keep their routine and treats consistent.

The good news was that I not only got used to the lack of technology, I thrived.  It forced me to turn my attention to non-electronic things.  I read.  I watched some of the DVDs I’d brought along, wrote in my journal, explored the area, and found a great library.  It was awesome. 


Lets never do that again.  I love technology!  HeHe!  Except…I now know I CAN get along just fine without it.

My second time to pass through northern California, I stayed in Quincy and they had WiFi and cell.  It wasn’t real strong, but I was able to do what I needed.  While I was there I realized that I was no longer sorry about buying the Airstream.  It was beginning to feel just right.  Einstein gave it two thumbs up (do dogs have thumbs?).  I suddenly found that somewhere along the way we’d all three found comfort and enjoyment within this little home on wheels.

The next part of the trip brought us down from the amazing snow-covered mountains of northern California to the long, long desert vista and even longer straight stretches of highway.  Towns were few and far between.  Some were more like ghost towns, whispering of a history of prosperity in by-gone days when route 95 was the main passageway from one end of Nevada to the other.  It came with its very own climate of blue sky, cool nights, and warm, dry days.  This was very welcome to me.

I arrived in Las Vegas after dark, so seeing the palm trees and blue sky the next morning was a joy to my heart. 

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