Interview with Einstein

Interview with Einstein

This is me when I was a wee babe…er…puppy
This was my first vacation. I don’t know where we were going. I don’t care. We went! We were together. I got petted and played with and people gave me treats. What more is there?
I don’t know why everybody says “Awwwww!!!!” when they see me
I’m kind of thoughtful and perhaps a bit introverted now that I’m grown
…and I’ve really got the “please” look down good
I’ve even been “rendered”
I particularly love naps in the afternoon sun
I’m a RETRIEVER…get it
…and then along came “the girl”
When can I open mine?
I have two jobs. 1. Fly watcher
2. Watching out the window for danger

Question: What do you like to do since you don’t have much room in the RV?

Answer: What is “RV”? Do you mean in our den?

Question: Ah, yes. What do you like to do?

Answer: Oh. I like to watch things, smelling things, and taste everything.

Question: What is the most important thing to you?

Answer: That my pack is together and safe. We don’t need much space. When Alpha goes to bed, I lay on the floor at the foot of her bed. After the sun comes up, I lay on the couch (to rest my bones).

Question: Last question, Einstein. What words of wisdom do you have to share?

Answer: (thinks, stares into space, seems to forget the question) Ah. Its not important where you are. Only who you are with. (pauses, looking out the window, falls asleep)

Hey! You gonna eat ALL that?