Einstein and me

Einstein and me

Hard news to share about why Einstein isn’t here in Hawaii with me

I’m sad to say that I couldn’t bring him with me and I didn’t know how long I’d need to stay here, so he has a new home in the Rockville, Maryland area. It was so hard to let him go from my life. I had met the people from an organization called GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue Society) so I contacted them and within a couple of days they had placed him in a foster home and he was adopted the same day. They let me know that he adjusted immediately (Goldens are like that, I’m glad to say). His new home includes other Golden Retrievers and children, two things he needed badly.

He was my companion for ten years and I adored him. RV life was very difficult for him though. He has never traveled well in any kind of vehicle. He would cry, shake, and pant the entire time. In an RV that is for hours. I consulted with veterinarians in many states along the way to help him, but no solution worked. Nothing phased him. On two occasions he became very sick had to be taken to an animal hospital. No physical cause was found and he eventually recovered.

I hated to give him to a new family and not have him in my life anymore, but I know in my heart that he is better where he is. When I delivered him there, he was so happy that he didn’t even notice I left. He followed me to the door like a child who wants to see you to the door, but is anxious to get back to play. It was really good to see him like that. So happy and full of energy.

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I’m the one in the sunglasses, but Einstein is the star!

Einstein told me he wanted to go on an adventure while he’s still young.  HeHe!  So what else could I do?  A cute little Airstream caught his eye and so that was how we got started on our adventure.  After traveling across twenty-two states together in three months, Einstein called a meeting and held a vote.  He wants to see more and do more and meet yet more humans and canines.  He wants to catch more scents and savor more twigs and sticks and lost tidbits from more states of the union.  

But.  He wants new digs. So.  Cute Little Airstream gets traded for adorable motor home.  So begins chapter 2.