My friend Maureen, known to most as Reen, had open heart surgery a few days ago.  She has been taken good care of at the hospital and many friends are constantly reaching out to her in a group text.  I can tell that she is well loved by many.  I can understand why.  She is a kind hearted, giving woman.  She knows what she wants from her life and she has the courage to go get it.  She, too, is an RVing Woman.  After caring for her mother for thirty years, she is taking this time to explore in her RV.  I so admire her courage and the way she stands firm in her dream.  

We met at the RVing Women’s Convention in Goshen, Indiana in October.  That was the very beginning of my trip.  Since then she has been the shoulder I cry on when something goes wrong, the one I share my successes with in texts and sometimes in a phone call.  She has good advice and she is an encourager.

I’m trying so hard to be patient while she’s a “patient” at the hospital.  I want to tell her all about everything.  I want to plan a trip to see her.  I want to see, with my own eyes, that she is okay.

Please heal quickly, Reen.  Get well.  Put on that baseball cap and get out those wooden racks for the card game (can’t remember the name of it!!!).  But!  Mostly…heal.  Be well.  We need you in our lives.  You are our Reen!

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