Oh! Snow in Las Vegas!

Oh! Snow in Las Vegas!

The cloud just right of center is a snow cloud, believe it or not. It is dropping snow in just that small area. The sky is always a marvel to me. It can be the bluest blue in the world and yet be snowing or raining or, better yet, celebrating the close of the day.

In the photograph above its actively snowing on the left-most mountains, but not on the right-most. I took this photograph in Red Rock yesterday following a night of snow. While I was out taking photos, it was still cloudy and snowing in some areas. Then if you turned to your right a bit, it was blue sky.

Same scene as above image, but zoomed out…see the blue sky?

Then just hours later, its back to looking like the desert and the sky is winking at us. My friend Sharon and I took the above photo while hiking today. We drove over to Red Rock and headed out to explore. Its actually the same area as the other photographs above. You simply have to turn this way and that to get a dramatically different view.

Watching for me to come home

Einstein did not go hiking with me on this occasion. I wasn’t sure what to expect; if it would be fraught with small toe-stabbing needles similar to what I encountered in the Quartzsite desert. The answer was yes. There were things that could hurt a dog’s feet. He stayed back at the RV watching HGTV House Hunters International.

The desert and mountains are the verses to a song in my soul

Its going to snow more this week. I’ll head out again with my camera and see what I can see.

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