Not So Good Days

Not So Good Days

I have not been keeping up with my blogging this past week.  I’ve started three posts, but have put them aside for now.

I caught some sort of bug about nine days ago.  It started out the way my allergy bouts usually do.  My throat felt like it had grit in it.  I got a tickle in my chest, because it felt like it had grit in it, too.  I bought some allergy medicine and cough drops.  I took naps.  This past Thursday I left Las Vegas and headed East.  I stopped at a campground just East of Kingman.  By the time I arrived there I was feverish, with a severe sore throat and ear ache, body aches.  I was exhausted and every bone and muscle in my body hurt.  My head was congested and nothing I was doing helped.  I did the minimum I had to for setting up camp.  I didn’t even unhitch the truck.    With electric and water connected, I went inside and went to bed.  When I woke up, I didn’t have the strength to do anything but sit at the table.  It took a couple of hours before I could get up and feed the dogs and take them outside.  I slept off and on the entire next day.  The following morning I extended our stay here by one day.  That means we should be moving on this morning.  I am sitting here because I didn’t sleep all night.  I’m looking out the screen door and feeling fine with staying indoors for a bit.

It’s like physical difficulties are lining up in front of me and coming at me more than one at a time to boot.  I don’t feel good at all.  I’m tired and doing anything at all makes me exhausted.  The dogs only got out twice yesterday.  I think they understand.  Or this turn of events has them depressed.  Or both.

There are periods each day when I think maybe I’m getting better.  They are followed by periods when I think perhaps I ought to sleep fully clothed, in the event that I’m found dead.  I’m sure that will make me laugh later, after I’m recovered.

I’m sure I’ll be fine, but just not today.

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