New Art Journal Cover

New Art Journal Cover

The Printer

I don’t think I talk about the cover in any of the pages. I wanted to have a printer with me in the RV. From time to time I needed to print out documents, but I also wanted a printer that would print out high quality prints that I could sell. I’d had a Canon Pixma Pro printer for years back in my studio at the cabin and I loved the quality. It printed with pigments rather than ink jet. The ink doesn’t smear when it gets wet. It’s also archival quality. Even better, the quality of the printouts is superior. The printer in the image above is the Canon Pixma Pro-100. It prints on paper as large as 13×19. I can print on almost any medium. I can run archival quality watercolor paper through it if I choose. I’ve often printed on the highest quality bristol board, made by Stonehenge.

The RV – 2018 Winnebago Vista LX35

This is a class A motorhome. It’s thirty-five feet long. It was purchased January 5th, 2018. It has a bath and a half. The half bath is right in the middle and is accessible even when the slide-outs are in. I can’t tell you how convenient that was when I was on the road. The rear bathroom is blocked off by the bed, which is on a slide-out. The RV has a washer/dryer combo which is fantastic. I loved having it. There is plenty of storage through the interior of the RV, as well in as in the “basement area” underneath. The living area has an electric fireplace that actually kept the entire RV very comfortable in even the coldest weather. There are lots of posts about the Winnebago if you’d like to look back to them.


Einstein is a ten year old Golden Retriever. He was my best friend and traveling companion. He was not able to go with me to Hawaii. It was a very difficult decision to make. He was a great dog and pack member, but he did not like our days on the road. he often became physically ill for days while on the road. I found a new home for him and he has been doing super well. I’m told he adjusted immediately and is loving life with the other Golden Retrievers and the children. That makes me feel better. I still miss him and you’ll see him throughout my blog. I’d love it if you’d read the interview with Einstein…in the menu at the top of the screen.

I have the printer…still

I bought it while in Oklahoma. When it was delivered, it weighed fifty pounds. Once out of the box, it still weighed in at thirty-five pounds. On travel days, it sat in the passenger seat with a seatbelt. It rode with me my house-sitting job in New Jersey. For $165 I shipped it in the US Mail to Honolulu, Hawaii in March. When I left Honolulu and returned to the mainland, it costs $400 to take on the plane. Why you ask? Why would I pay so much to keep it with me?

Because I’ve never had a printer that can compare and it will earn its costs by helping me to sell my art.

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