My Hands Smell Like Cinnamon and Cloves

My Hands Smell Like Cinnamon and Cloves

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I have made many a pumpkin pie.  Einstein has never tasted my pie, but he reminds me of them, because he is the same color.  I tease him, saying that if he were to get right into the pan, he would be invisible.  Well, he’d have to get into the pan after the pie is baked to a golden brown.

So.  Even though I’ve done this before, I’ve never done it exactly like this … in a travel trailer.  I tried to google the microwave/convection oven that came with the trailer, but found no directions on how to actually use the thing.  There was no booklet in with the other manuals in the trailer when I bought it.  So, I’m making it up as I go.  I stepped out on faith and made the mixture.  I put the crust into the pie plates and poured the pumpkin mixture into them.  I preheated the oven.  I’m pretty sure I have that part right.  Now the first pie (hopefully) is baking.  We’ll see.

This Thanksgiving we’re in northern California.  Its easy to feel the holiday spirit here.  The grass is still green and the trees are still carrying their fall colors, the air is on the cool side, and the mountains are capped with snow.

Okay.  Now the end of the story.  When the first pie was finished, I started thinking about past pies and how one year, when I was trying so hard to make them perfect, I made them awful.  I forgot the sugar.  The pies were ruined.  Oh no!!!  I forgot the sugar AGAIN!!!  What was I going to do?  Would any of the grocery stores be open in the morning?  Would I have time to start over?  Well!  Since starting this adventure, I’ve had to solve many problems; many mysteries.  How could I solve this?

I had only baked one pie.  The other had just been put in the oven.  I put on my oven mitt and fetched it out.  I measured out the sugar and stirred it in.  Could this work?  I put the pie in the oven and, low and behold, I couldn’t get the oven to work right.  I could preheat it, but couldn’t then bake.  SO!  I have been preheating the oven, over and over.  It’s almost done.  I know because the knife inserted into the pie is almost coming out clean.

Next, can I save the pie I already baked?  I decided to try something.  Even if it doesn’t work, I can eat it myself.  I spooned out the pumpkin and mixed in the sugar.  I tasted it and found it to be absolutely delicious.  It was still warm, too.  I spooned the mixture back into the crust and when the other pie is finished baking, I’ll try baking the first one so it firms up a bit.  I would gladly eat the whole thing myself if it doesn’t work.

So there you have it.  The best intentions will work in a round about way.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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    1. No, but it gave me an idea. Check out the pie again. TeeHee!!! And Happy Thanksgiving, Christina. I miss you!

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