Quincy, California

Quincy, California

I went from Eugene, Oregon to Quincy, California, where I stayed for about a week.  I found a campground there that had internet and good cell signal, so I stayed a while so I could work on a couple of projects.  The campground was called Pioneer.  It was a nice campground. 

The scenery around Quincy was breathtaking.  There were a lot of cloudy days, making for interesting cloud formations down around the mountains.

While in Quincy, it was cold enough at night that I wasn’t able to stay hooked up to water for the first few nights.  I put water into my freshwater tank and unhooked from city water.  Thank you to Reen for that tip.  It worked beautifully.

I was there for Thanksgiving and had my first experience with baking pies in the Airstream.

I was loathe to leave Quincy.  It was a great place.  I was able to relax, get my work done, and I discovered some great places to eat.  The scenery was awesome as well.

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