Labor Day weekend in Gettysburg

Labor Day weekend in Gettysburg

Meet Emma.  She joined us for our next camping trip.  I had concerns about bringing her along.  She doesn’t get along with other dogs.  The campground was very full and there were many dogs around that weekend.  She also is not good at going to the bathroom while on a leash.  She turned out to be a delight however.  She was good for Einstein.  They adjusted quickly to the trailer, even playing together.  Both dogs claimed the couch.  Einstein prefers it for comfort.  Emma prefers it for the view.

Maybe it’ll work out.

Einstein, Emma, and I all took a vote and it was unanimous – it was a great weekend.  We met up with friends at Round Lake campground.  I think every single space was occupied, but there was so much to do.  The camp store is awesome, too.  Between all of us, we had, I think, seven dogs.  Imagine all the scents Einstein and Emma tracked down.  As for my nose, the scents I enjoyed most were that of S’mores and pie iron pies cooked over campfires!  I think we went to Tommy’s Pizza twice and three times to the Springhouse Tavern.  Eighteen holes of miniature golf helped burn off a few of those calories.  In the middle of the weekend, I got to spend time with my dear, beloved friend, Laurie.  It was as if no time at all had passed.

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