House Sitting

House Sitting

January 9th, 2020

I’m not actually sitting on a house. In it, though, yes.

I’m enjoying this newest adventure. Taking care of my friend’s (hi, Reen!) house is wonderful. Her house is comfortable and well built. It feels solid and is a great place to spend the cold winter months. She has a humidifier that’s keeping me healthy. Normally I have all sorts of sinus problems in the winter, but not this year. Never realized how important a bit of humidity could be.

I got here the day after Christmas. Reen left her Christmas tree up so I could enjoy it. I hung my hand drawn ornaments on it. My friend, Stephanie (Hi!), made me two ornaments. She hand-painted them so that if you look on the inside of the ornament you see a winter scene and if you look at the outside, you see a desert scene.

I love the way the tree looks with her red hanging candles, Stephanie’s hand painted glass ornaments, and my cardboard ornaments.

I’m getting settled in. I’ve made a little workspace for art and for my laptop. The bed is comfortable. Einstein loves the fenced yard and I love being able to just open the door and send him out there. His favorite activity is to smell everything in his environment. In fact, I don’t think he’s ever been as happy as he’s been since arriving here. All the people and traffic are overwhelming for me, but I’ll adjust.

January 27th, 2020

More days have gone by. I’ve ventured out many times and have indeed adjusted to things. I admit that I loved the western side of the country. More wide open space, fewer people. I had found many favorite places there. I suppose that’s the place I love the most. I’m here now and I’m making the most of it. Finding new favorites. Getting to know the people. There’s exploring to be done here. I never thought I’d find adventure still…without my RV. I have.

I love it when I’m outside and the church bells are ringing. There are several churches that ring bells. Yesterday I heard them at 6:51 pm. Not sure why that exact time, but it was lovely. Maybe it was their call to parishioners to hasten to the evening services.

The houses here are a feast for my eyes. I love houses. Homes. The house I’m staying at has been in this family for 65 years. Three boys and one girl grew up here and the girl still lives here. It holds many memories. Even though the house has been updated a bit, it still bears the character of who it has always been. I can almost hear the rumbling overhead of three boys playing, laughing, shouting. I can imagine the mom and dad down here watching a program on television. I wonder what Reen was up to? Maybe she was working on one of her beautiful pieces of needlework or reading a good book. She might have been listening to records. Its an honor to spend time here. When I’m out and about, I look forward to getting back here…to my home for now.

I’m going to spend this coming week looking for a gallery so I can sell my artwork. I’d love to earn a bit of money. I have framed paintings, one original framed zentangle inspired piece (an Oriole on a celtic-type background), a number of unframed originals, and many limited edition prints and notecards. They’re all looking for a good home and would love to be displayed and appreciated.

My life is slow paced still, as it was in the RV. For now there is no planning of the day’s route. No researching campgrounds and gas stations. My days are rather slow and relaxed. I spend a lot of time listening to music, reading, writing, and doing art. In the evenings I play online games with friends. Jonathon, Lilli, and Knight are working to improve the Guildhall that we have in Guildwars 2. I’m proud of their efforts. It takes time and materials. Yesterday Jonathon and three others invited me to help them with a dungeon…the most difficult one in the game. I started out on my tough and powerful Revenant, but ended up bringing in my petite Sylvari thief so she could make everyone invisible to run through dangerous minions and creatures. We were all in Discord, so we could talk and discuss our strategies. I loved it.

Einstein brings me his ball and we do a bit of tugging about a dozen times a day. He always wins. I don’t have certain times to eat…just whenever. For the last three days I’ve made chicken sandwiches, along with some raw carrots, and a couple of Splits (pretzels). I love naps and manage to get one of those about every other day. No particular time…just whenever I’m sleepy. I don’t watch TV, but today I watched an old 1958 movie called “To the Moon from the Earth”. (Hope I got that right). I love old black and white movies.

I guess that’s about it for now. Its not as exciting as my adventures in the RV, but to me, its wonderful. I enjoy having time to myself to think and do creative stuff. I’m happy. Very happy.

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  1. Love your house sitcom illustration and your literal sense of humor. Also your simplicity theme. And your choice to be happy. Keep these blogs coming, I look forward to each one. Also, your pizza lunch experience, love the sketch. Hoping you sell your art.

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