Highway 95, Nevada

Highway 95, Nevada

The Road between Reno and Las Vegas

Route 95 was a two lane road and a main thoroughfare North and South through Nevada.  The trip down to Vegas was going to also push me hour-wise.  I might be arriving during rush hour and dark; not my favorite combination for driving through a large city.  This pushed me to drive five miles an hour faster and to stop as little as possible.  We made a pit stop at a rest area.  RVs were directed to park over in a sand and pea gravel parking area that was far from restrooms.  A sign said that pets were not allowed on the grass.  The first thing I saw were a variety of folks walking dogs over in the grass.  I walked to the restrooms.  By the time I got to them, I was desperate and couldn’t turn around and go back to the trailer.  This is what I saw.

When I walked outside, I took a different path back to the trailer and saw the trash cans.

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