Good Days

Good Days

  This can be what a good day looks like…cooperation.

  and sometimes this is it

Other times, a good day (or a good moment) is pulling off at a vista along the road and having your breath taken away.

Once in a while, a good time is just sitting quietly.

Einstein felt I needed this adventure.  For a while now he’s been trying to tell me that I’m missing out on some pretty good stuff in life; like playing with him, walking with him, and feeding him treats.  Sometimes when I look into his eyes, I see wisdom there and I suddenly feel very small and insignificant in the scheme of things.  As time passes for each of us, the immenseness overtakes us and we feel like we’re going to get so lost in it all; that we’ll never emerge or we’ll die and never have found the sweetness of life without all the clutter.  Living things are nest builders, pulling detritus to us, thinking it’ll have the right texture and warmth to be a shelter.  We pull it round about us to protect us and give us a sense of “home”.  We gravitate towards “simple” in time.  That’s where I am.  I want to sort out what’s important and spend time with it.