Getting Ready to GO!

Getting Ready to GO!

Today is Monday. I leave here (Oasis RV Resort in Las Vegas) Wednesday. That’s day after tomorrow! I didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up a lot and then couldn’t go back to sleep after getting a sales call at 5:49 am. Lots on my mind. I’ve been here just over six weeks and have become settled in and comfortable. There are people here that I’ve gotten to know. Its kind of hard to leave. Its less stressful to stay in one place. Gas costs drop to nothing when you stay put. Electric, water, and septic are taken for granted while here. The area becomes familiar. I had read that if you live in an RV you should stay put for a month at least at each destination…for the most part.

Moving on becomes hard. Last week I started preparing. I got Einstein groomed. He sheds a lot and that makes the RV a mess. Dog hair works its way under everything and into everything so before hitting the road I want to do some extra cleaning. Warm weather is on its way. There have been hints of it in the past couple of weeks.

One of my biggest concerns is Einstein’s safety when I have to be away from the RV. What if the electricity at the campground goes out, even for a moment. If I’m running the air conditioning it will turn off and then not come back on when power returns. I’ve never experienced a power outage when the air conditioner is on, but I’ve heard that its return doesn’t guarantee the return of air conditioning. I have heard others in the campgrounds tell me of times when power has gone out, so I know it happens. I ordered and received something from Nimble called an RV Pet Safety monitor. It contacts me, via an app, when the RV’s temperature is too cold or too hot. I have it all charged and ready to go. I just can’t log into the app. It says my username is invalid. I contacted Nimble and they are supposed to send me a new username and password. It’s been thirty minutes and nothing has shown up. Still waiting.

Talked with Nimble on the phone again (when you put in a help ticket, they call you right away. That’s kind of nice.

Oooooo! It works now! Awesome! It says that the temperature in the RV is 71.19 degrees F. I’m so happy to have peace of mind now

I’m low on propane. I can have some delivered to me here at the campground. I’ll ask about it in a bit. I can also pick some up when I leave. I have an appointment for 8 am Wednesday morning to have two vent covers installed over my vents so that I can have the vents open while driving or during rain. I’ll have that done at Camping World. They have propane, so if its too expensive to have it delivered here by the campground, I’ll get it at Camping World.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I’ll need to check the air in the tires and get them up where they should be. I ran the engine this morning and its all good. I’ll empty my grey and black tanks Wednesday morning. I’ll move the Jeep up to the front parking area of the campground in case it takes longer than expected at Camping World. Checkout is 11:00 at the campground. I’ll park the Jeep up front and when I come back with the RV, I’ll park out on the road outside the campground, walk back to get the Jeep and drive it out and hook it up. The campground spaces are pretty jammed together and the roads are narrow, so that makes sense anyways.

Until yesterday I was a little down about having to move on. Then I realized that I was actually kind of excited and ready to go. It means seeing more places I’ve never seen. I’m heading to Sacramento from here. I’ll go beyond it, towards northern California to have lunch with a friend. We’ll meet in Chico for Mongolian barbeque. That will be new for me. I was going to go to a campground west of Sacramento and drive the Jeep to Chico. I’m considering taking the RV up to Chico to a campground there for the night so Einstein is left alone for less time. Back down by Sacramento, I’ll spend some time visiting with my friend Rita. I’m looking forward to that. So I’m excited about further adventures.

As the day to leave gets closer I am getting the interior of the RV ready. I’m stowing things that can’t be left out during the drive. By the time I leave, it will all be stowed and that will one less thing to do. This morning I went out and organized my underneath (basement) storage compartments. I got rid of some mangled cardbox and found a dog-tie-out I can give away. I’ll see if my neighbor here could use it. Otherwise the compartments underneath are ready. I was surprised by how light their contents was. The interior hasn’t really changed much. Still have the same cloth bins of art supplies. I did buy a couple of towels for when Robert was here.

Even though next winter seems pretty far off, I have to think about where I’ll stay then. I love Las Vegas and I have friends here. I felt it was too cold. It wasn’t really below freezing very often, but if I’m going to live in an RV and have the ability to stay away from the cold, I think I’d like to stay further south. So I’m going to start looking for availability now so I can make a reservation.

I’d like to get the RV weighed. I’m afraid to do it though. If it turns out its too heavy, it would be no easy task to thin down. I’d need to go through the interior contents and get rid of some things. That would be painful, because everything that is in here is precious to me and was gleaned from the contents of my entire life. I know that I would NOT get rid of any art supplies. Clothes and shoes would have to go first. Food would go first. I have two 20 lb propane tanks and I have stowed them into the back of the Jeep. I have eight 1-gallon jugs of spring water for Einstein. Those are also now stored in the back of the Jeep.

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