Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Before heading south again, I spent maybe nine days in Eugene, Oregon.  I had been hoping to have internet and cell signal.  In Eugene, I stopped at a campground, thinking it was for just one night.  When my trip to Seattle fell through, I stayed an extra couple of nights. While there, I was out exploring the town and saw a Best Buy.  I stopped by after getting some supper.  I was hoping to find a lap desk for my keyboard and mouse.  I really struggled with having desktop computer with me in the trailer

I tried tucking the CPU in a corner of the bedroom (haha – there are no corners in an Airstream). I had to climb over the bed to get to the little three legged chair that  faced the wall-mounted TV.  I tried putting the CPU under the dinette and hooking it to the wall-mounted TV by the couch.  Too far away and had to turn my head, as the bench seat faces the wall across from me.

I tried putting the CPU by the refrigerator and sitting in the three legged chair facing the TV.  The dogs hated it.  They got stranded on the couch.   My last attempt was going to try a lap desk, while sitting in the three legged chair.

I didn’t find a lap desk at Best Buy, but since I was in the computer section, I saw that they had a huge selection.  A salesman asked me if he could help and I asked if they had gaming laptops.  I had a gaming desktop and found it lacked what was needed to do anything BUT play games (without adding additional items to it).  They had MSI laptops – the BEST gaming laptops.  The most powerful one they had was a good price, but wasn’t really good for much more than gaming.  It had a normal hard drive and the C drive was a 256 GB Solid State Drive.  I wanted this laptop to do more than play games.  I wanted it to edit and pretty much do everything my iMac does.  An MSI computer that could do that for sure was one that had to be ordered in to the store from another store.  It was going to take seven days.

The campground I’d been in had no WiFi and if I was going to have to hang around for another seven days, I wanted WiFi!  So I researched and found a campground on the south side of Eugene that had WiFi.  I moved there the next day.

Eugene, Oregon was beautiful with amazing mountains all the way around it.  There were lots of stores and restaurants.  I went to a mall and saw two movies.  The campground was lush with thick green grass and all sorts of special trees and bushes.  That lushness comes from almost constant rain.  While I was there, we had two days with sunshine and that was only part of the day.  The temperature was nice and everyone there was out walking and spending time enjoying the great weather.  While I was out looking for a post office, with everyone out walking, the dogs barked a lot.  The campground office called to tell me that you could hear the dogs barking all the way to the office.   THE DOGS.  Was I ever going to get used to the dogs in this trailer?  Were they ever going to settle down.  Would Emma ever learn NOT to bark at everyone who passed by and at every dog she saw, even if from across the campground?  Was Einstein ever going to get over his separation anxiety?  At that moment, it seemed like a lot of NO answers.  I was ready to just go back to Maryland.  My friend Reen called me and we talked for a long time.  She had some great advice and encouragement.

My computer came the next day.  Bam!  I was going to be fine.  Having the laptop would make everything in the trailer flow better and be less of a headache.  I would keep going and tackle one thing at a time, as I’d been doing.

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