Einstein is on the mend

Einstein is on the mend

My Einstein has responded very well to the IV fluids and anti-nausea medicine. He is hydrated and now his body will be able to work to flush out the small piece of stuffed toy cloth that is in his stomach. The doctor said I can call back in a couple of hours and, if he is still doing great, I can go and get him. I’m going to stay here in Medford, Oregon for a day or two to make sure he’s okay. Then we’ll press on for Washington.

While I waited to find out about Einstein, I felt so lost. We spend so much time together in this little RV that I never realized before how much a part of my life this dog is. I wondered if I would want to go forward with my journey; my adventure…without him. What would I do without him? It has been so quiet and the life he adds to the place seemed replaced with an unbearable stillness.

Just knowing that he’ll be here again soon makes the air itself feel more full of life.

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