Day After…Vegas

Day After…Vegas

Yesterday I left Las Vegas. It was an eventful day.

I woke very early so I could tear down camp and get the RV to Camping World for the vent covers to be installed. It was relaxing while I waited. Einstein kept me company in the lounge. He drew a lot of attention. Everyone loved his name and how sweet he was. The work was done promptly and I headed back to the Oasis RV Resort to get the Jeep.

When I went to hook up the Jeep, the right arm of the hitch wouldn’t extend. I tried forcing, pulling, pushing…nothing. I texted Sharon, who was three spaces over from me. She was awesome. She drove out to the front of the campground where I was. I told her I was trying to at least connect it to the Jeep so maybe I could push and pull with the Jeep itself. I had moved the Jeep backwards and forwards by millimeters and could never quite get it. I had it close. With Sharon there, we were able to just pull on the bumper to move the Jeep and we got the pins in. I moved the Jeep a bit and the arm loosened up as I hoped. We got everything hooked up, said good-bye (Sharon, if you’re reading this…thank you so much! You’re awesome!!!), and I headed west. When I reached the California border, the tire monitor started bleeping frantically. It said the right front tire was low in pressure, the right front tire was too high, and the back right tire sensor was malfunctioning. I pulled off the road at a gas station (few and far between out there). I got out my little tire pressure gauge and hand-checked the front tires. The left one was perfect. The right one was indeed a bit high, but within safety margins. I let a little air out and then the monitor told me the tire was leaking air. I figured it was because I made it leak. LOL.

I spent that first night at a campground in Bakersfield called Bakersfield River Run RV Park. It was a family owned RV park. The nightly cost was about $47, but they did take Good Sam. It was super nice. I hadn’t seen grass that lush and green since the beginning of January. When I took Einstein out, he leaped backwards when his feet touched the grass. He then stepped gingerly onto it. After that he was good with it and takes it for granted now.

Bakersfield River Run RV Park
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