Can iPad art be as good as art on paper?

Can iPad art be as good as art on paper?

From the moment I got my iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, I have used my iPad for art just about every single day. I am so impressed with what it is capable of. However, I have thought of it as simply a place to do planning for “real” art. I design things and do rough sketches.

This is one such example. I wanted to do a design for something about acorns. To be honest, I don’t really like it, but it gave me ideas for more.

Then I decided to make something about the grasshopper. I have a really cool grasshopper necklace.

It surprised me tremendously. It looks exactly like the same thing I could do on paper. However, it was more enjoyable and easier on me physically. Here in the RV the light is just not good enough for me to be able to draw very fine detail. With the iPad, its lit from within, so is rather like drawing on a light table. Better yet, I can stretch the art to zoom in and see exactly what I’m doing. SOLD! It launched me on a spree of drawing like I’ve never done before.

I discovered that I could also take an old piece of artwork and give it new life with the iPad.

I am having fun with art. Each thing I do leads me on to something I’ve never done before. Creativity breeds creativity. I can hardly wait to work on something else. I find myself trying to sneak time for drawing into every moment. I keep my iPad and Apple Pencil with me at all times just in case I find a moment.

I don’t think I’m ready to stop using paper altogether, but I do really like the idea of having everything I need right here in the iPad. This winter I won’t have room to take much with me to New Jersey, but maybe I won’t need as much.

I’m happy and I’m excited. A new door has opened. Now to see where it will take me. Could it enable me to earn money? I’ve dreamed of signing up for art shows around the country and traveling from one to another…selling my work. YES!

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