Bye Bye Airstream?

Bye Bye Airstream?

My Airstream (Rocinante) was wonderful.  There were many, many things I loved about the guy.  As I pulled Rocinante down the road, I loved to glance in the side view mirror and see him back there, faithfully following along.  When parked, I loved to walk back toward him and the sight took my breath away.  Rocinante was compact and easy to manage.  Clean up was always minutes instead of hours.  I worried that Einstein and Emma would be cramped for space since they were used to a much longer domicile.  They seemed perfectly content with our little den.  I knew they were happy when they began to play and tumble about a little bit.  They settled into a routine that encompassed waiting for me to wake up, dress, make the bed, get their food ready, Einstein’s medicine in a small square of Velveta cheese, a walk, and finally a cool drink.  What happened the rest of the day was up for grabs.  It could be a day on the road or a day of relaxing somewhere.

You can see the size difference between my previous Montana 5th Wheel and my twenty-five foot Airstream Flying Cloud.  My Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Dually (AR AR!) could easily ascend and descend any mountain, endure desert heat, and sigh contentedly in the shade of a tree at rest areas.  I don’t think the truck even knew it was pulling anything. 

My Airstream was simple.  He didn’t have a lot of storage, which forced me to rethink everything I took along as well as everything I wanted to add along the way.  It was easy to detach the two thirty pound propane tanks and take them to get filled.  The scissor jacks and entry steps were not hydraulic, which added to the simplicity.  They took only elbow grease to operate.  There were plenty of awnings for shade.  It didn’t take much to make Rocinante cozy and comfortable.

I thought about getting a bigger Airstream.  I did some online comparisons and a slightly larger Airstream was comparable in price to a motor home.  I had it in mind to compare a thirty or thirty-three foot Airstream to perhaps a Class A or Class C of similar size.

Whether it was wise or not to trade the Airstream in can NOT be dwelled on.  The deal is done.  There is just no point in analyzing the choices I’ve made at this point.  Rocinante is gone.  I cried the day I cleaned him all up, ready for the trade-in.  He looked as new as the day I bought him.  We made some wonderful memories together.  Indeed.  Farewell, Rocinante.  May those who share your future adventures love you, protect you, and keep you safe.


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