Blast Off!

Blast Off!

When I started out on Tuesday morning, I thought it was a flight around to the other side of the planet.  Now, on Thursday, I’m wondering if I’m actually blasting off for planets far.  My first flight was from Baltimore (BWI) and bound for Chicago.  Before even leaving the ground, we were held in place due to a bathroom door on the plane that wouldn’t close.  No amount of effort would make that door close.  They finally gave up and announced they needed to spend a few minutes filling out paperwork on the broken door.  In my mind the clock was ticking; chewing up precious minutes of the one hour layover I would have in Chicago before my flight to Japan would take off…without me.  After the paperwork was done, we had to be d-iced.

We left BWI in the plane you see on the left, complete with non-closing door.  We were told to visit the airport washroom before boarding the plane, as there would be no facility for us to use during the two hour flight.

We arrived in Chicago fourteen minutes before my next flight was due to take off.  I hurried across the airport to my gate, getting there with two minutes to spare.  The plane was gone.  I had been put into the system for a flight that would take me to Mexico City before going on to Japan.  Mexico City?  Seriously.  

Evidently American Airlines only has one flight a day to Japan.  So I waited two hours for that flight and then flew 3 1/2 hours to Mexico City on a very nice plane that offered about 75 different movies for me to watch on my very own screen.  

The food was great, too.

We arrived in Mexico City just after dark, so I was there, but had no idea what it looked like.  I was there for five hours.  It was a long five hours.  The airport was large, but a bit outdated.  It did have lots of columns loaded with charging ports for phones and laptops however.

The flight from Mexico City, which was VERY far south of where I’d started in Chicago, took us all the way to the VERY north, passing right over Alaska.  It was the middle of the night though, so I didn’t miss a great view.  We then turned west and south AGAIN.  The flight to Tokyo took fourteen hours.  It was another great plane, with great movies and personal screens.  Food was awesome.  Had dinner and breakfast.  I slept about eight hours on that flight.  I’d arrived in Mexico City on the evening of the 20th and arrived in Tokyo on the 22nd.  Interesting.  And I have been here ever since.  My flight to Okinawa is at 6:55 this evening and arrives there at 10:30 this same evening.  So because of a door that wouldn’t close on a bathroom on a plane, I will have Spent 23 hours on planes and twenty-four hours in airport terminals.  Thank you very much, American Airlines.

While on the plane I read, watched movies, ate, slept, and drew.  Here is one of the things I drew.

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