Being Cinderella For A Magical Night

Being Cinderella For A Magical Night

Through much of my journey with Rocinante, I have often worn the same clothes more than once. Sometimes it was because of laziness, but other times it was out of trying to be frugal. I tried to bring fewer clothes than I ordinarily would on a trip. Rocinante doesn’t have very much storage space for clothes. If you don’t mind climbing on the bed to get to an overhead compartment, or bending down and pulling a bin out from under the bed, there’s plenty of space. My joints and muscles rebel at the climbing around and bending down part. So I just have less clothes, which means either washing them more often or wearing things more than once so they last.

With all the hitching and unhitching of the trailer, handling sewer hoses, connecting water lines and electric lines, I end up with some dirt under my nails.  I’ve ruined a few clothes by bumping up against things that have grease on them, like the ball on the hitch or the ends of the stabilizer bars.

I don’t usually shower ever single day either.  I guess I’d have to say that I needed a day to get pretty.  I looked online and found a stylist, Juan, near the campground.  It was actually the only choice.  I called and made an appointment.  At the appropriate time I drove the five minutes to get there.  It was in a small shopping center and was surrounded by a liquor store and a couple of places that were either closed or perhaps tattoo parlors.  I can’t recall, but my antenna’s were up, warning me that this might be a mistake.  The stylist’s shop was dark and locked.  Ok.  Problem solved.  I drove back to the campground.  My cell phone rang.  It was Juan.  He was apologizing profusely and telling me he’d had to make a run to the Bellagio and forgot to take my number with him.  Could I please come back.  I did.  The salon was impeccable and very state of the art.  I was impressed.  We ended up having so much fun talking.  I had scheduled the appointment just for a root touch-up, but he suggested highlights, as it appeared they hadn’t been done in months.  He also did a trim.  When finished he styled my hair and I was very surprised.  I’d seen some pictures of myself in the past few days and my weight and my hair distressed me.  When Juan was finished with my hair, I felt like a new person; like Cinderella.

That evening Sharon and John took me to Fremont Street.  It was a part of the city where the road is for pedestrians only.  Its covered with a gigantic curved tent that has video projected up onto it all through the evening. 


We stopped at a White Castle to try one of their cheeseburgers.  Meh!

There were zip lines running up in the canopy.  I think I would have tried it!

  Can you see the two guys zipping along?

     These were two hearts made up of thousands of locks that people added to the first heart shape.  The picture I’m adding next is a close-up of the locks.

  So.  That was our evening on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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