Been Home For A Week

Been Home For A Week

I’ve been feeling a bit lost for the past week.  I’ve washed my clothes and carried in a few things from the trailer, but can’t seem to accomplish much.  I don’t know if its because I’m still low on energy from being sick, if I’m already restless for the adventuring life and it’s simple, uncomplicated routines, or if being back in this large cabin with all its “stuff” has overwhelmed me.  Maybe all three.  The cabin is cozy and pleasing to the eye, but I’ve come to a place in my life where all the “stuff” that I’ve turned a blind eye on or just gotten so used to that I don’t see it anymore.  Now, after being in a tiny little house like my Airstream, all this stuff looks so in-my-face.  It makes me want to flee.

As for Einstein and Emma.  They seem to love being back here and having lots of room inside to run and play.  They are different though.  They seldom leave my side; particularly Einstein.  I don’t know if he’s worried I’ll leave without him or if he just got so used to the three of us living in an itsy bitsy space that he just prefers to be within five feet of me (we’re a pack!).  I don’t know.  He’s very happy when we’re near one another.

I admit that my mind is already planning out the next adventures.  Wanderlust!


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  1. Glad to hear you’re back home. Happy for you that you got a larger home to move around the country. Next time I hear from you, I hope you’re not driving your whole house down the highway. LOL hope to see you soon. Love you your Aunt Sherry.

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