…and Bad Days

…and Bad Days

There are bad days and there are good days with bad moments.  All that junk belongs right here.  RVing solo with two dogs when I first started and sometimes, now, with one dog, has challenges.  Einstein is a great companion and does very well when we are parked somewhere.  He seems to love steady routine.  Travel days are not something he enjoys at all.  As in all RVs that are used full time, things break sometimes.  Every now and then I have to simplify my possessions yet again.  The other day I thought I heard the chewing sound of a mouse, but could find no sign of one.  Gotta be on the lookout now though.  Sometimes I sit down and have a good cry when difficulties arise.  Other times I text a friend.  Yet there are other times when I say, “Get over it!”

The most difficult times for me (because they happen so often) are when I spend money or a lot of time solving a problem, only to have it replaced by two new problems.  Sometimes I work at an issue for a couple of weeks, rejoice at conquering it, then find another seemingly impossible circumstance arises.  Those times just bring me to my knees.  Its comforting, though, to know that there are other women who are doing the same thing I’m doing – exploring, creating myself, seeing the world through my own eyes and deciding what it means to to me.  We women RVers are learning to think for ourselves, make decisions, and figure things out on our own.

As problems crop up, I have to figure out how to solve them and sometimes I get it wrong.  In fact, sometimes I get it wrong a bunch of times.  Eventually I get it worked out and boy does that feel great!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve really and truly decided to give up and head back East to an empty house and a life that would undo all the good I’ve accomplished.  Sometimes I reach out to a friend to text-cry and other times a friend will text me at just the right time or even call and we’ll talk about everything.  In no time at all, I’m comforted and feeling stronger.  As time passes and I get more comfortable with making decisions and solving problems I have fewer and fewer moments when I wonder what I’m doing here or wanting to give up.  Thanks to each of you (you know who you are) who have encouraged and inspired me.  Yes.  Thank you.

See. Even bad days can have happy endings.  Don’t give up!